Mobile Stone Chip Repairs  

Stone chips are the most irritating of all types of damage on a vehicle. They are generally not caused intentionally by the driver or driver in front, but more of an everyday occurrence when using motorways or on roads. Hard as it may seem no one is untouchable by them,

Mobile Stone Chip Repairs
Mobile Stone Chip Repairs

wherever you have a large 4×4 or a small 2 seater, at some point in the period of you owning that car you will have had some kind of stone chip damage. I guess there may be one exclusion, if you owned a tank with 4 inch armor plate I think you might just be ok, or would you, im sure the little blighters will get you somehow.

Stone chips are caused mainly by debris on the road, which gets caught up in the rear tires of the car in front, and at some point being flicked out of the tread by centrifugal forces acting on the wheel. The stone would impact on some part of the vehicle following behind, normally on either the front bonnet or offside and near side front wings. The resulting impact would chip out a section of lacquer and paint relative to the size of the impacting object. This process occurs numerous times throughout a standard journey, some smaller objects bouncing off while other creating damage. If some vehicles use the main motorways regularly the bonnet and wings of the vehicle will show the scars with heavily pebble dashed sections on the bonnets nose.

Repairing stone chips comes in two main categories

Windshield Repair Change  AutoGlass
Windshield Repair Change AutoGlass

1. Stone Chip Touch up repair. This involves the cleaning of the damaged area with some kind of alcohol based product then a rust preventative placed within the stone chip. After this has dried a primer is added and cured. The next step is to touch in the stone chip with some paint (usually a water based type) followed by a top clear coat of lacquer. After the repair is complete, the stone chip is not quite invisible but to someone looking at a glance would not see it. This type of stone chip repair is the cheaper option and most cost effective.

2. Panel Respray. This can be considered as the last resort for you would have to have a pretty pebble dashed bonnet/wing in order to warrant a panel respray. The process of repair is similar to the touch up repair stated above but carried out on a larger scale. Problems can arise when spraying large panels of a vehicle such as paint matching. This occurs if the car is older than 3 years or has a metallic or pearlescent finish. Every year of a cars life the paint would faint slightly year on year, so when the paint is made up this would be its original color and does not take into account fading or bleaching which occurs over a cars lifetime.

The choice of stone chip repair method is quite limited and you should choose your option carefully. So finally if you wish to keep your car 100% perfect all the time your best option of stone chip repair would be option one. Otherwise if you are happy to make the stone chip less visible to the naked eye try option two I would. Contact Change AutoGlass For Mobile Chip Repairs anywhere in Bay Area and Orange County.  Mobile Stone Chip Repairs.

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  1. I appreciate that you explained how stone chips are mostly generated by road debris that gets lodged in the back tires of the vehicle in front. I suddenly remember my father who mentioned last time that he needs Stone Chip Repair Services for his auto. I’ll ensure that he reaches this article so his problem will get fixed right away.

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