Side Mirror Glass Replacement
Side Mirror Glass Replacement

Side mirrors are essential when it comes to your safety. Driving with broken or cracked side mirrors is not only illegal, but very dangerous for you and others on the road. 

A side view mirror, also known by names like wing mirror or door mirror, makes it possible for drivers to see vehicles approaching from behind, by extending his peripheral vision and compensating for the blind spots in his vision. These mirrors are of the convex type, as they provide a wide angle back view for the driver. As they cover a wider view, objects look smaller and more distant than they actually are. That’s why, manufacturers explicitly mention a warning like ‘Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.’ on the mirrors.

Being on the side and fixed to the door, this mirror is most prone to being knocked out by passing cars traveling too close. Nine out of ten times, the reason why people need to replace a side mirror, is because it has been clipped by a passing car.

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