It’s very inconvenient to get your windshield chipped on Highways. If you don’t repair your windshield chip, it can start to crack, and if your windshield chip cracks to more than 4 inches , most of the auto glass repair and windshield replacement shops will recommend you to replace it and it will cost you more than if you were to repair the windshield on time. Change AutoGlass provide you with the same day or next day Windshield chip repair or Windshield replacement in most of the California urban regions. Windscreens used for Windshield by some origins could be very costly to replace. Process will make it a very easy experience. We can come out to your residence or job site to save you time and repair your windshield within an hour process.

You can claim your windshield cost through Cal Trans if damaged on highways due to debris or Construction.

If you have full coverage most of the times your windshield replacement or chip repair has lower deductibles and we at can bill your insurance company for your auto glass repair or replacement service.
If you would like to file a claim through your insurance please give your insurance company the following number for our corporate office for billing purposes and your insurance carrier will locate us. The number is 408-599-3209.

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